Edible mushrooms!!

King Bolete mushrooms!

The mushroom pickers are out in force - while we were walking Molly, my friend Paula and I met some young women who were hunting mushrooms - add to this my conversation with the park host on Thursday as he showed me several monster 'shrooms (I mean those suckers were a couple of pounds each) and well, I was intrigued!

But Paula beat me to the punch, and as I was finishing my dish for the potluck (more on that in a minute), Paula arrived at my campsite with a bag full of freshly picked mushrooms.  I can't wait to try them!  Hey, tinycamper, I'm going to eat a wild mushroom!

King Bolete mushrooms!

Fall fiberglass RV Northern Oregon Gathering

The main reason I'm camping on the coast this rainy weekend is to attend the fall NOG - usually 30-40 folks who currently own, have previously owned, or are interested in molded-fiberglass trailers (scamps, casitas, escapes, etc) - always a fun weekend to share trips, tips, give and receive trailer tours - and the very yummy diet-busting potluck.  Usually, no matter how much it rains, well get a break just long enough for the potluck.  Since it's October, some folks decorate for Halloween.
OK, so I decorated a little bit too :-) 

This has been a really fun gathering - Sharen brought Molly a beautiful red buffalo plaid jacket (complete with a snood that covers her long neck and half of her face - very snuggly!

And I met Cheryl and Lindsey and gave them a tour of the trailer - and Cheryl tells me that she follows this blog!!  Imagine that!! (Hi Cheryl - I know you'll find the perfect trailer for you and continue to have amazing camping experiences)

One more picture of the kitty, Faye Wray

Hiding behind the pillows


  1. Oh, man! What I would give to find some kings like that!!!

    A lot of people think that they are better dehydrated, then rehydrated and cooked which helps with the texture. I have read of rehydrating them in cream. I can't imagine how decadent that would taste!

    I'd love a chance to find out in person!!!

    1. I was thinking about you! People were coming back to camp with big buckets full!

  2. Wow, nice mushrooms. I'm always a bit leery of wild mushrooms. You have to really know your stuff so you don't eat a massively poisonous one!

  3. This is the first time i've ever picked anything (other than blackberries) wild to eat - but after seeing 4 different groups of people collecting and reading that Nehalem Bay is a primo location for this type - I decided to give it a try. I must admit I was a bit nervous - but, WOW, are they good! In cooking half and drying the rest (the picture was the first days haul, I found 5 more the next day; almost 4 pounds total!)

  4. Sorry for such a delayed thank you! Lindsey and I continued on down the coast for another week after leaving Nehelam. It was so much fun to meet you (Molly and FW too) plus get a tour of your set-up. Very Nice.

    I grew up gathering and eating wild mushrooms. They are great but a must to know which are safe to eat.


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