I WILL poo in your shoe!

The cat is not happy

And so begins the great experiment . . . for the first hour of driving, Faye Wray sat in her box and howled.  She must have thought I couldn't hear her, because she climbed onto the central console so that she could meow directly into my right ear.  Thankfully, after about an hour she settled down in her box muttering expletives occasionally.  

She handled the first night quite well - even eating a little bit.  She wandered around the trailer in the dark, exploring, and then snuggled up to sleep.  At about 2am, something startled her and she used my face as a launchpad as she hurdled herself back to a hiding spot under the front bed.  Several small, and surprisingly painful puncture wounds were dealt with (where is that first aid kit?) But slowly we all got back to sleep.

Overall, it's working out better than I expected . . .

Faye Wray did NOT:
  • Barf in the car
  • Pee in the car
  • Hysterically fling herself at the windows trying to escape
  • Dash for the open door as I got in and out
  • She didn't howl in the trailer all night
  • She hasn't attacked the dog (always a possibility when she's ticked off)
So, I'm encouraged!!  I think I may actually be able to pull off a long trip this winter to sunnier climes!!
I will poo in this shoe, see if I don't.

Double-decker pets!

Molly is not sure about sharing the trailer with demon kitty


  1. Replies
    1. At home or on the road, it appears that I can always count on F.W. to draw blood.

  2. Awww, poor kitty. She'll adjust.

    We have two cats and they love the mobile life. But I must say they're happiest when we're parked and they have "entertainment vision," i.e. windows all around where they can watch birds, squirrels, butterflies, bugs and whatever else cats find interesting.

    We also bring in boxes from time to time to make kitty caves which are the most popular things we have ever brought in the motor home. (Except, of course, for bugs that sneak in which quickly become prey.)

    Hang in there. Your demon kitty may adjust beautifully. Maybe.

    1. She is doing better than I had anticipated - so I'm encouraged. My concern now is that she hasn't used the litter box yet (and yet, she hasn't poo-ed in my shoe either). But, she is slowly exploring and eating - I guess I'm cautiously optimistic. Just now, she's looking out the screen door.

    2. In also encouraged by other success stories! Thanks for sharing that there may be a light at the end of this tunnel.

    3. Cats are very smart and very tidy. When she's ready to go I bet she'll use the litter box.

  3. No problem, but I'd be a little worried about non-use of the litter box if it's more than a day.

    1. Yay!! She's using the litter box! This has got to be the first time ever that I've been glad to clean a cat box :-) she's exploring the trailer and settling really well - just in time to go home tomorrow. Great first trip!

    2. So happy to hear Fay Wray has become a traveler. I think it's good to give kitty brains new input. They're so smart and most of the time they're just plain bored.


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