A day during which I do not lose my cat

Quartzite, Az

My biggest fear in traveling with a cat is that she'll get lost

I didn't get so worried about the dogs - they might get scared and run about - but I didn't worry about them hiding from me.  Cats, by nature, hide when scared; and, being small, they can hide really well.  So, for the last year, whenever I have traveled with Fay Wray, I carefully watch the doors.  I make her wear a harness in addition to her collar (she's also micro-chipped).  When she is allowed outdoors, she is on a long leash and I watch her carefully to ensure she doesn't go up a tree, down a hole or get snatched up by a coyote.

But then, a few days ago I somehow forgot I had a cat 

It all started when I had to take the trailer into town to dump, get propane and water.  I packed things up, hooked up and off I went.  I got the RV Pit Stop and got out of the car - leaving my door open.  I opened up the trailer and started my routine for dumping - leaving the trailer door wide open.  For the next 20 minutes or so, I'm in  and out of the trailer as I dump, unhook the propane bottle to get it filled and carry water jugs over to the fresh water fill area.  Then, I close up the trailer and head back to my camping spot.  As I finish re-parking the trailer, I finally remember Fay Wray!!

I hadn't put her in the car before heading out to town!  

I hadn't remembered her at all and so she had ridden in the bouncy trailer all the way into town!  Then, I left the trailer door open in a scary, loud place to terrify her even further.  

I was convinced that I had lost her when I opened the trailer - I was sure that she wouldn't be there - that she would have been frightened by the bouncy ride, the scary dump station, and would have bolted.  

But, to my surprise and great relief, she was sitting on the dinette - probably wondering why I had put all her food away in the fridge.

Faye Wray, relaxing in the sun after her harrowing experience


  1. Oh lordy, worst nightmare ever, losing the cat. I lost one back when we first got our motorhome and found him many hours later after some scary times hidden inside the guts of the rig in the tail light assembly. There is a story about if if you care to read on the blog, back in late 2007 on our way home from Texas. I am so glad you found your kitty safe and sound. Sometimes they surprise us!

    1. Oh dear! I'm glad you found her. I remember friends who were 2 days late too a rally a couple of years ago as they waited for their cat to come back - he had wandered off into the woods - it all ended well.

  2. I am SO glad she didn't get out - I can just feel your relief. I saw you at the BloggerFest, but never did get a chance to meet you. I'm sorry about that, andt hopefully we'll meet up another time. :)

    1. Fortunately, the time between realizing what i had done and finding her safe was short - and i was SO grateful.
      There were so many people at Bloggerfest! I didn't get around to nearly as many people as I'd hoped ( I was seriously sidetracked by the presence of Power & Hera, the greyhounds) - perhaps we'll meet down the road.

  3. Oh man, not a good feeling. Glad things turned out well.

  4. Based on the photo, have you considered maybe she did get out and paid a visit to the local cat nip bar? Glad you both survived the ordeal.

  5. My heart was in my throat until I saw the photo of Fay Wray! So glad she didn't bolt. And she sure doesn't look too traumatized. :)


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