Sunset drama not in the western sky tonight

The setting sun lights up the rock and casts fire red reflections onto Lake Mead.

The various shades of blue water were replaced by the red, orange and brown cast shadows from the surrounding canyon rock walls.

Sunset on Boulder Bay, Lake Mead, Nv

Hoover Dam

Despite some ambivalence about dams in general, I can't deny the engineering and construction expertise that went into the creation of this massive dam.  I'm in awe of the hard work and precision engineering and machine work that were required to build this structure successfully.  And, as a former project manager, I'm amazed that it came in over two years ahead of schedule and apparently without massive cost over-runs!  It probably helped that it was built during the depression when folks were desperate for work and anyone complaining about working conditions could just be summarily fired.

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  1. Great photos. I enjoyed seeing Hoover dam a few years ago was amazed at the story of the people and the construction. The bridge was about half done. It probably cost more than the whole dam. Enjoy!


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