My trailer is quite the prankster!

Sophomoric sense of humor

Yesterday, I found the toilet paper unrolled; today it was the paper towels.  After a few months of living in a stationary home, I've forgotten all the adjustments one makes to keep things in place as I bounce down the road.  OK, so it's all my fault as much as I'd like to blame it on the cat or gremlins in the cupboards!

Sportsmans Beach campground, Hawthorne, Nv

Stopped here for lunch; what a sweet spot!  Facilities include vault toilets, picnic shelters with fire pits, camping areas with covered picnic tables and fire pits, dumpsters, and a boat ramp.  The picnic areas are close to the highway, but the camping areas are down on the lake and would probably be quiet.  No one was there today.
Day use is free; camping in the established campsites is $6($3 with the geezer pass!) or you can camp on the beach for $4($2 with the geezer pass).

Picnic area with parking alongside


Walker Lake

Small 'oops' to round out the day :-( 

Apparently, I didn't get my jack fully retracted the last time I hitched up; leaving a gas station this morning I heard a loud scrape.  Sure enough, I hit bottom- but this time I hit hard enough to bend the jack :-( 
It still works, but I've put another ding on my rolling home which makes me sad.

You can see how the jack assembly isn't completely vertical anymore.


  1. Walker Lake is beautiful.

    Sorry about the jack. It hurts to ding our campers, doesn't it?

    We hopelessly bent one stabilizer jack in a pothole.

    1. Yup, i'm adding up the dings; i, too, have a bent stabilizer, and some small holes in the awning. But, i guess if it was pristine, it might mean i wasn't using it - and i sure am putting on the camping days now that I'm retired!

    2. In our 5th wheel it IS the cat that unrolls the paper towels. We have taken to putting the roll on backward. Fixed his wagon.

      We love Walker Lake. Haven't stayed there but just love the big body of water in the high desert. Glad you're enjoying it.


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