Chores and new places to boondock

Where I am Today: Quartzite, AZ
Where I am going next: Havasu City, AZ in a few days (our 14 day stay on Plumosa Rd is almost up.)

Even mundane chores are interesting in new places

First, I list out all the chores I'd like to get done today.  Then, I check on Yelp to find the closest locations where I might accomplish these things.  Consult with Julie, who also has a list; figure out  that Parker, AZ (about 1/2 hr north) is the closest place to get everything done.  Check addresses and maps and off we go.  It feels good to check off chores on the list after a few days of being lazy around the campsite.

Julie's smartphone app tells us that this is a 'Fairy Duster'  - lovely name!

I want to find a place locally to accept an Amazon package delivery

There is an office services, tax and accounting place right on Highway 95/Central Avenue in Quartzite that provides this service.  For $5, they will accept a UPS/Fedex package and hold it for you.  Perfect!!  I get the address information and their hours, they take my contact info and I'm all set.  The place is IronWood Output and it's right next to Horizon Bank.  The package should be there by the next time I swing into Quartzite in a week or so.
UPDATE:  I attempted to have 2 packages delivered; both of which were returned to sender. Apparently, if you don't rent a PO Box from Ironwood, delivery is dependant on the whim of the P.O. and whether they want to recognize the address that day or not!

Next, it was off to explore a couple other boondocking locations I had heard about in the Quartzite area.

In Arizona, there are apparently, State land trust areas where one can camp for free for up to 21 days (with a permit).  Driving west off Highway 95 on Tyson Road, there are several access points to a patch of this State Land Trust Area.  Very convenient to town!  The signs have a phone number that I will call to get the specifics on how to get a permit, etc.

Then, we had been told that there was additional BLM 14 day boondocking starting at about the 10 mile mile-post east on Plumosa Road towards Bouse, AZ (first there is the close in, register with a host, 14 day area; then there is about 7 miles of day use only land; then more camping).  The second area is just over some hills and is very pretty desert.  Close to the hills for hiking, and with a much greener, more vegetation surrounding.  There was a lot of choya, ocotilla, and more trees (palo verde, mesquite, and perhaps ironwood or something).  A lot prettier and quieter than most of the camping around Quartzite, if somewhat less convenient to town.

A beautiful day in the desert

It rained off/on yesterday and was very cloudy and foggy this morning.  But, the sun came out in the afternoon and the delightful smell of the creosote bushes scented the air.  Time for a glass of wine!

The day started out foggy

But lovely sunsets are almost always on hand!

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