Death Valley isn't dead

Beautiful weather and gorgeous scenery!

It may be cool, or downright cold many places, but Death Valley is balmy this time of year.  I didn't even drive around very much this year; the view from my campsite was so lovely!  We did take in a couple ranger talks and a bird walk (didn't seem like a lot of birds until I added them up: over a dozen different varieties).

We also saw lots of coyotes; some very close up!  Apparently, they're getting used to tourists feeding them.  I saw a couple just on the other side of a row of trees by the golf course; a couple more were meandering through the date farm (fallen dates are a big part of their diets this time of year).

Artists palette viewpoint, this mid-day photo doesn't give justice to the variety of color.

Me, at Badwater Basin, the lowest spot on the western hemisphere (282' below sea level)

Another nice sunset!


  1. I never thought I would like and appreciate photos of Death Valley, but I do yours!

    It's nice to see a picture of you, too. :)

    1. The rock formations are spectacular!
      I also appreciate the history of the Shoshone native people who still live in the area - they lived off the desert in the winter and moved up into the mountains for the summer. Only white miners moving through the desert with no knowledge of the springs thought of it as a hard place.


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