Hey, You got to the new blog address!!


When I found out how easy it was to change the URL, I couldn’t resist!

I have been unhappy for a long time with the convoluted, hard to type URL I had for the blog.  But, Blogger help seemed to make it a very complicated process to change.  Until today, when apparently I used the magic words when searching and found very short, very simple instructions on how to change the URL.  Now it matches the Blog Title which I think is a lot more intuitive and will be easier for folks to find using Search.

Where I am today:  Lake Havasu City, AZ;  BLM land South of town

Two things you never want to hear in conjunction – I’m camped in a wash; It’s raining.  Well, the wash is very wide and I’m camped between 2 deep gullies so I’m pretty sure I’m OK with the light rain they’re predicting (and we’re getting) for the next day or so. 

More new stuff

I’m trying to write the blog offline using Windows Live Writer on my laptop.  Hopefully, this will let me save some data as I do most of my editing on the laptop.  For sure, I’ll be able to do a bit more photo editing and get their sizes down for quicker web access (all of our data plans will appreciate THAT).  And, I won’t have to struggle with my tablets strange interactions with the blogger editor (less cursing on my part).  But, no pictures today.  I’m spending all my time dealing with software weirdness in getting all this to work.


  1. Yay! I found the new blog. Looks nice!

    I'll update your link on my site tonight (if my signal holds). :)

    1. I'm so glad!! I'm so impetuous about these things - I'd made the change almost before I even considered the impacts (I just hated the old URL so much).

  2. I'm dealing with the same data issues....are you using the library at Q....have not been there but my smart phone photos are causing a huge data drain. See you soon.

    1. Actually, we're up in Lake Havasu at the library there. Today is much better - I think the wi-fi is just so subject to slow down when there are a lot of people trying to use it. I suppose I should just get off my duff and come in early!
      I'll be in Q by Thursday - it'll be good to sit and chat a bit!


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