The Party’s Over–Escape Owner’s Rally, 27-30 May 2015, Osoyoos BC

Nk’Mip Resort, Campground and Winery – great place on the lake for a gathering!

The resort has grown every year I’ve been here.  In addition to the resort, winery, restaurants and really, really good cultural/visitor center and trails, there is a massive, very well appointed campground. 

The older section has large trees which offer shade, and one loop backs onto the lake. 

The newer section is adjacent to the vineyards with new trees but not much shade yet.

I get to see cactus blooming twice this year!

Being a desert micro-climate, Osoyoos is one of the warmest spots in Canada and comes complete with cactus and rattlesnakes.  End of May and the cactus is just now blooming here.

All good things come to an end.

5 days of fun re-connecting with old friends and making some new ones at the rally.  I’m sure that I’ll connect with some of them during the year on my travels.
The end of this rally also marks another ending – this will probably be my last trip in the “Greyt Escape”.  After 8.5 years and over 30,000 trailer miles, it’s time to upgrade to a trailer that more closely matches my needs for the way I’m camping these days.  Sad and exciting all at the same time.


  1. Oh my. Selling your trailer. I remember you and your kitty out on KOFA.

    Beautiful. Who would have thought. Cactus in Canada.

    Can't wait to see what you purchase. A bigger Escape?

    1. You betcha! A 19' Escape - being a custom built trailer, I won't get it until mid-Feb, 2016. Meanwhile, I have a whole lot of time to consider my build sheet.

  2. Beautiful blooms - I love the pink ones. We see a lot of yellow cactus blooms here in the southwest, in fact a lot of yellow flowers in general, and I always love seeing the pink ones.

    Yes, sad to move to another RV, but how exciting at the same time. I'm looking forward to reading about what you decide to change to, and why. Good luck on getting that "perfect for you" new rig. :)

    1. Yup - big decisions ahead! While I kinda know what I need for today, trying to forecast 5-10 years into the future is tough. I got some great ideas at the Escape Rally last weekend.

  3. Good luck with your sale. I had better luck with more response on Craigslist than with Fiberglass RV..the 16 ft Casita was sold in just over a week.
    FYI.....Our new to us Escape has the window awnings made by Carefree of Colorado. Camping World online carries them.
    Imagine you will be heading south soon after you pick up your trailer!

  4. It'll be fun to visit each others trailers and see the differences!


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