My driveway seems very empty

June 17, 2015; Portland OR

Completed the sale of the Greyt Escape

After many inquiries and a few trailer tours, the right people appeared.  Bill and Ellie have been looking for awhile and after a long visit, a tour around the neighborhood to see how it towed with their truck – they decided it was ‘the one’.  I was delighted for them (and me) and hope that they have as much fun with the Greyt Escape as I have had.

I've never seen the trailer from this perspective - trundling away!!

Wow, it's really gone!

A few minutes ago, I went out into the driveway to get something I thought was in the trailer - oh, wait - the trailer is gone!

I’m sad but also getting excited about the new trailer – only EIGHT more months to wait!!  Hopefully, my friends won’t mind me mooching space in their rigs for summer camping.

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