First Portland Paddle of the year

18 June 2015, Portland OR

Washougal Recreation Area

A short 20 minute drive from my house is the Washougal Recreation Area and Wildlife Refuge.  There is a several mile quiet, protected channel on the North side of the Columbia river – no wind and not much current.  A little breeze, lots of sun and lots of birds!  So, it was a very enjoyable paddle. 

My friend Kip – all along the dike above her, there are purple martin nesting sites (they look like bleach bottles hung on a TV antenna).

DSC00895 (640x480)


So hot I had to undo my life jacket!!

DSC00897 (640x480)

Portaging the boats up/down from the parking area was not easy!

Off the car (a short car, but still over our heads), up and over the dike, across a big picnic area field and then down to the beach – even with the set of wheels that I have for the kayak, it was a workout.  After our paddle, we were just beginning the struggle to get the boats back on Kip’s car when a young (tall and strong) man offered to help.  Kip started to say no, but I broke in with a resounding “Yes!!  thank you so much”.  He picked up the boats and pressed them up over his shoulder onto the racks without any strain AT ALL – easy peasy.  It was very welcome help – if a bit humiliating.  It’s a drag getting older!

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