Meteors, bunnies and barn owls

13 August, 2016
Green River State Park, Utah

Persied Meteor Shower

Last night I took my recliner and set up on the boat launch here at the state park to watch the show.  Unfortunately, none of my cameras (or the photographer) were up to the task of getting any pics.  But the show was pretty good!  One of the best I’ve seen – especially since I wasn’t really in a very dark sky area.

Those late nights take more of a toll these days!

I didn't get much sleep yesterday - and I felt it.  Fay Wray and I took a long nap not too long after breakfast.  Then, so the day wouldn't be a total loss, I drove a few blocks into town and did my laundry.  

Finding the laundromat was an interesting exercise.  I get so reliant on Yelp and Google to find things as I travel.  But, no where on line could I find a laundromat closer than Moab - almost an hours drive away.  But, I just felt that that was wrong.  Sure enough, as I drove around, there was a big laundromat sign on the main road.

Barn Owls and Bunnies

Tonight I was taking a bike ride around a nearby golf course at just about dusk.  I caught some movement out of the corner of my eye and there was a barn owl landing on a fairway.  I was thrilled!  I’ve only seen a few owls in the wild.  I dashed back to the trailer to get my camera and then back to the fairway.  On the way back, I saw some pretty dumb bunnies out in the open.  By the time I spotted the owl again, she had caught something and wasn’t being very cooperative about being photographed.

This bunny lives to see another day

The owl got this bunny; the owl will live to see another day.


  1. We were too deep in the woods to see the stars. Glad you saw a show! Stay in touch...hope our paths cross!

    1. Now that I'm on the road FT, I'm hoping that I'll more to blog about! I am planning on being in Quartzite in the winter. Thanks for the tip about the Breeze cat litter - it's SO much better!!


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