Back in Red Rocks Country!! Every turn produces another gobsmacking view.

August 10, 2016
Green River, Utah

I can’t explain why the scenery in Utah affects me so strongly!

Over the years, I’ve been drawn back to Utah every few years.  I just can’t get enough of the dramatic and colorful bad lands.  This trip I drove I 70 East into Green River.  Just North of Goblin State Park and Arches, the views here are just as fantastic.  There were numerous viewpoints – a good thing, because the views are spectacular.  The highway is a bit winding and steep, and today, quite gusty – so I really had to focus on driving – quite the challenge with all the gorgeous scenery.

The best scenery day; the worst camera day

I pulled off at a viewpoint, grabbed my 200mm focus camera hoping to get some good landscape photos.  I scrambled down the path to a good viewpoint – turned on the camera – nothing . . . . totally dead battery.

Yup, back up the trail so I can grab my smartphone and all these pics were taken with my Android.  Tonight will be a major battery charging evening.

Tonight's campsite isn't fancy - but I like the neighbors!

Tonight I'm staying in an RV Park in Green River, UT - not fancy or scenic, but convenient to the highway, gas station, grocery and hookups for AC and charging up my cameras.

The added assets - several horses to pet and a neighbor that increases my sense of safety!

State patrol officer lives in the trailer next to me!

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