Free Sunscreen in the desert

Oct. 18, 2016; Tucson, AZ   Saguaro National Park

I hadn't noticed this in restrooms before, but here in Tucson, free sunscreen!

As much as I like the sun, I can do without the increased risk of skin cancer - so, yes, I apply sunscreen liberally and often!

Sunscreen was welcome for the very hot day I spent at the Arizona Sonoran Desert Museum and the Saguaro National Park.

One can easily spend a day at the Museum.  Acres of native plants, a reptile room, a hummingbird aviary, the native black bear was away at the vet - but I saw a bit of the resident mountain lion (she was up in the shade with just the tip of her flicking out in the light).  

I think, a black-chinned hummer.

Petroglyphs in the Saguaro NP.  Easily accessible and great detail!

It was only a short walk to an extensive display of petroglyphs; I thoroughly enjoyed seeing them.

The saguaro is dense enough to really qualify as a forest!  

Some of the prickly pear still had ripe fruit (called 'tunas') and the bees were going crazy.  Natives still harvest the tunas to make jam and jellies.  

Most plants have 40-50 tunas on them!

Bees, braving the spines for sweet goodness.

Natives are allowed to harvest the fruit from the saguaros too.  Here is a pole made from the ribs of a dead saguaro, used by Natives to reach the saguaro fruit which is located at the very top of the very tall saguaro's.


  1. wondering about the sun...what about wearing a sombrero, long & loose-sleeves shirts & longs pants. These pretty much will cover your skin from the harmful sun-rays.

    Have fun, enjoy life for is sooo000 short, isn't it ?

    1. For sure a wide brimmed hat is good - also really cuts down on the glare. Haven't found the right fabric for long sleeves yet, but I do like the long, quick dry hiking pants.
      It'seems cooling off a bit now - I'm outside most of the day, dry camping and having a blast!


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