Great friends, the 'Great Tree, and the timeless 'Bouse Fisherman' Intaglio

Nov 20-27; Quartzite, AZ, camping in the desert.

Camping with a friend brings back memories.

My friend, Lyda, came to spend some time camping with me in her vintage VW Westfalia.  In the summer of 1974, we took another VW Westie from Colorado to Alaska and back.  Quite the adventure in the days before the Al-Can was paved;  it was my first experience traveling and camping for a significant period of time - and, as it turns out, that had a big impact on my idea of travel!

We spent the week touring around the Quartzite area, but rough camping in the VW wasn't as much fun for Lyda as it was 40 years ago - especially as the nights get colder.  While I don't mind camping alone, I will miss her.

Bailey, the shih tzu, is an amazingly sweet, yet rough and tumble little dog.  She probably would have loved to run in the fenced dog park that I found in Quartzite - unfortunately, after Lyda and Bailey headed back home.  

Nice fenced dog park with separate areas for big/small dogs - right next to the city park.

The 'Great Tree'

The landscape doesn't sport a lot of actual trees - but near the washes, one can find mesquite, palo verde, and ironwood.   One very large ironwood tree in town has been dated to over 1,000 years old and was photographed in the early 1900's - a landmark even then.

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