RV'ing Women National Convention

Oct 23-30; Mesa, Arizona

450 RV's of varying description at a deluxe RV Resort for a week!

The venue offered a full 18 hole golf course, at least 2 pools that I saw, hot tubs, an orange tree at every site, and was so big that I needed my bicycle to get around.  There were lots of seminars, fun events in the evening and a few day tours offered for sights in the area. 

I was all excited when I thought they were limes (for gin/tonics!); sadly - unripe oranges

Opening Address

Trip to an olive farm - tour, an olive oil tasting, and a great lunch.

Who knew that olive oils could taste so different!  I was surprised - some are very 'grassy' and fresh tasting.

While this Olive press is still used; most of the olives are processed in giant machines inside.

Authentic olive press - brought from Italy.  

Best of all, a chance to meet new friends and connect with friends I haven't seen in years!

Classic Lazy-Daze

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