scored tickets to the Portland Thorns vs Seattle Reign!

Women's soccer is new to Portland . . . but the Timber Army shows up

The 'Timber Army' is the fanatical fan base for the men's team, the Timbers.  They're on their feet the entire game screaming.  It was a great game, the Thorns won, and fun was had by all.

Good parents protect their kids hearing from the decibels generated by the Timber Army!

I think these little fans should be known as 'splinters', older kids could be'kindling', eventually they could grow up to be'timbers'.


  1. Loved the baby shot. And love it when parents do the right thing for their kids. My pet peeve is when I see little babies out in hot sun with no hat, no shade protection and obviously uncomfortable.

    1. I remember hiking in Big Bend Park in Texas on a trail that was marked 'cougar seen in area, do not hike with small children' - sure enough, several small kids passed me on this trail, easily 50 yards in front of their parents! (Probably didn't have on sunscreen either)

  2. I also loved the picture of the baby with the hearing protection. What thoughtful parents!

    And your names for the little fans were cute. :)


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