mom, its hot and my feet are getting stickers!

Molly says its time to move on!

Molly got 4 grass burrs (nasty stickers) in 3 of her feet at the same time.  She's threatening a strike.

There's limited walking space here along the Deschutes.  Just small campsites down off the road along the (really quite beautiful) river.  Great for rafting and fly fishing, but Molly and I are used to more hiking.

The solar panel is working great here - lots of uninterrupted sun!  I can even run the TV for a couple of hours in the evening! I can see that I might want more storage capacity than 1 12V battery for rainy days though.

Actually, we have already moved on - but didn't have cell coverage - so I'll have to catch up on the cool places we've been!

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  1. Poor Molly looks pathetic. Hope she has recovered and is happily hiking again! :)

    I would like to have two 12v batteries, too. I did in my old trailer and it was nice not having to worry about drawing the battery down to 50% so quickly.


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