Sisters, OR Folk Festival

Three days of musical bliss!

A half dozen venues across the super cute central Oregon mountain town of Sisters featuring almost 50 different artists.  From blues to bluegrass and on through acts that defy classification (cough . . . Steve Poltz . . .) and bring my appreciation of musical talent to a whole new level!
Despite a violent thunderstorm the day before, the festival was sunny, warm and clear - the smell of BBQ mixing with the juniper and pine; the sweet music of the days fading to the absolute silence of crisp mountain nights.
John Fullbright - a great musician

Cheryl Wheeler - never miss ANY opportunity to hear this woman!
Natalia Zukerman - they say her voice can cause an orchid to bloom - they're right! Her guitar playing is superb (and I love slide guitar!)

So many musicians, only three days!!  It's now Sunday afternoon and I've crossed Sisters untold times racing from venue to venue, grateful to get a seat or standing in the back craning my neck.  My program has been scribbled on, my day pack is full of CD's and I'm exhausted!

Time to kick back

In camping out at a friend property just outside of town.  She's smoking a pork roast, were shucking fresh corn, the 4 bean salad is made.  The margarita mix is in the freezer - it's going to be another gorgeous mountain afternoon.

While I listened to the music, I did do a few sketches in my new watercolor sketchbook.

People-watching is great at concerts! 


  1. Wow! It sounds wonderful..After our home sells here in southern cal we hope to head up that way..

    1. Sisters is a neat little community - the folk festival, a renowned quilt show, and a rodeo are the big annual festivities.


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