Feb 6-8: Quartzite Casita Rally

All Fiberglass welcome – and there was quite a variety!

Over 100 people registered at this fun event; mostly Casitas, but a few Scamps, 4 Escapes (2 17, 1 19, and 1 brand-spanking new TA 5th Wheel!).  AND, there was a fully re-furbished 13 ft Ventura – Luc from Manitoba is dong a great job redoing and enhancing this cute little trailer.

What happens at a Fiberglass rally at Dome Rock?

Well, there’s homemade sopapillas, thanks to Betty and Catherine.  This leads up to the potluck soup lunch and then the fiercely contended (well, not really) ladderball tournament (“can’t we just lose so I can get my afternoon nap in” – the guy making this comment came in second and did, in fact, miss his nap)
I love looking at the trailers: mods, decorating ideas, helpful tips for boondocking.  I always come away with a list of things that I may do with my trailer.

Also, lots of old gold mines in the area provide great hiking opportunities

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0206150949a (640x480)
Well, they didn’t go in very far.


  1. Hi Anne, I wondered if you were at the fiberglass rally! Glad you had fun! Do you use a generator when there?

    1. Hi Hazel,
      I only use solar - i have an 85 watt panel and 2 12 volt batteries. I go months without a power hookup and have enough power to run everything in the trailer (including my 12v TV/DVD player), and keep my phone and laptop charged.

  2. The only thing better than an egg are lots of eggs at a rally. :)

    1. It's so fun to tour other eggs and get ideas- or just be amazed at how handy some folks are!

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