Quartzite AZ: Things to do after the rallies


As rallies end, and new/old friends trundle off towards new adventures, a slower, more peaceful daily schedule emerges.

My hummingbird feeder is finally drawing at least 4 regular visitors.  I love just sitting in the shade and watching their territorial displays and competition over the feeder.  Faye Wray occasionally comes out of the trailer to sit on my lap.  She’s a bit more reluctant to come out now that there is a small, very curious dog that wants to visit her (Scruffy, more on him later).
The nearest town with a full service grocery is Blythe, only about a 30 minute drive.  So, every few days we might drive over for wi-fi at the library, groceries and lunch.  Lunch out at Las Casita Dos is a real treat – best Mexican food that I’ve had in a long time.

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A few weeks ago, we attended a concert given by Paul Winer, an accomplished boogy-woogy piano player from New York (performed under the name SweetPie) turned book store owner (Desert Oasis Books, home of the Naked Book store guy).  During the concert, he mentioned a Memorial Garden that he initiated many years ago for the daughter he lost.  Celia’s Rainbow Garden has become a memorial garden for the community.  Many people and families are remembered there with elaborate desert garden structures.  It’s a special place and worth a quiet walk.

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  1. Years ago I utilized Celia's Gardens for a memorial service for my Dad who passed away here in Quartzsite, at the age of 94. I think it is a lovely place and has special memories for me.

    1. It is a lovely place; the tributes are lovely and it's so quiet and peaceful.


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