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During the Escapade rally, Julie and I had doubled up in her trailer to save on a second registration.

I had left my car and trailer in a friend’s driveway.  I assumed that I would have plenty of power to keep the fridge running for the week.  I assumed wrong (ran out of propane) and the contents of my fridge had to be tossed (fortunately, I hadn’t left a lot of stuff in the fridge). 

Anyway, I set things straight, bought some new groceries and then drove over to my cousin’s for a visit.  Unfortunately, the only place I could park my trailer near her house was not level and, again, the fridge pooped out. (bang-head!! always level the trailer!!).  So, there went my second set of groceries – an expensive lesson learned.  What was almost worse was driving away from Tucson and it’s great grocery stores (Trader Joes, Whole Foods, etc.) and not having the fridge cool enough to load it up with fresh food!

I had a lovely visit with my cousin though.  We visited the San Xavier Mission – a really lovely, old mission just south of town.  It still serves a very active Native American community; they were having a Pow-Wow the day we were there (I just barely resisted the fry bread).  The mission has undergone major restoration in recent years and the colors on the inside are once-again vibrant.  The outside is landscaped with native planting – like a botanical garden.  I love the peaceful atmosphere of old missions and really enjoyed San Xavier.


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  1. Such nice posts on the Tucson area and Escapees. You had so much fun. Maybe we can attend next year. What a bummer to miss the dressage show!


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