Escapade Rally in Tucson, AZ – March 7-13


The BIGGEST rally I’ve ever attended!

Over 850 trailers registered to stay at the Pima County Fairgrounds, a couple hundred registered from surrounding campgrounds and another couple of hundred registered as walk-ins.  Mostly dry camping, we stayed in the Solar, generator-free area.  The volunteers packed us in pretty tight (I’m surprised that they found room for everyone).  The solar area started just after the full-hookup area and we had streets and back alleys.

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We were, by far, among the smallest rigs in attendance.  I think I counted 4 Casitas and a handful of smaller Class B’s,


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There were lots of vendors, seminars, and information booths for Escapee campgrounds, area chapters, etc.  Technomadia, Geeks-on-Tour, and others gave some great technology based tutorials.

I volunteered one morning as a golf-cart driver, roaming around the various camping areas and the fairground buildings giving rides to anyone who needed a lift.  I had a blast!  Met lots of folks and really learned my way around the fairgrounds.  I managed not to hit anything (well, I might have nudged a sign at the bloodmobile), or bounce anyone out of my cart.  In return, I got a piece of ‘flair’ (remember the movie Office Spaces?) – a volunteer pin for my name badge lanyard.  I was woefully under-dressed compared to some people though – folks apparently accumulate pins and various badges over time.  If the gal in the next picture gets any more, I’m afraid she might tip over!  She was a lot more cheerful than this picture suggests!


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And, of course, the sunsets were marvelous!


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  1. Thanks for showing us all this!

    1. It was really quite the event! A fireman gave a talk on RV fire safety - even taking us outside and starting fires to have us practice using various fire extinguishers! And he talked about practicing getting out of your escape window (how many of us have even opened the escape hatch, much less practiced getting out of it.

  2. Replies
    1. A good thing to do once (a little too big for me)


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