Pure Vanity!

Portland OR 5/3/16

 I opted not to have a trailer name stenciled on the new trailer.

But, of course, she does have a name – “en Plein Aire”: or plein air painting, is a phrase borrowed from the French equivalent meaning "open (in full) air".  This refers not only to my camping lifestyle, which is largely outdoors, but also to my aspiration(as opposed to actual practice) to be a watercolor painter. 

I also wanted to, in some way, reflect this travel blog.  A friend suggested custom license plate holders!  The perfect solution (even if couldn’t find them to color coordinate with my tangerine decals).

A word from Cranky Cat, Fay Wray

Oh sure, the old trailer was named for those annoying greyhounds (The Greyt Escape); but do I get any cred when she gets a new trailer???  I do not!!  Not even a mention . . .  And she wonders why I have to bite her.

You may feed me breakfast before you make your tea.

I did get to bring my bed!

I do look great on blue - even if I can't rip up the upholstery thru these covers.

Napping is hard work!

In my more forgiving moments, I have to admit the new digs are pretty swank.


  1. Great post. I love your kitty pictures.

    1. Thanks! She is a very photogenic little kitty!


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