NOT an Alpaca Farm!

May 24, 2016; Douglas Fir CG, Snoqualmie Forest

Harvest Hosts sounds like a great idea, but . . .

I’m excited about the idea of staying overnight at wineries, farms, etc.  so, on a recent trip, I called a participating host (Moonshadow Alpaca Farm, Bellingham, Wa).  I mean, what could be better than Alpacas!  Unfortunately, my timing was not good – the two women who own the farm are retiring and had just cancelled their participation in HH.  The woman I talked to was sorry and said that they will still be offering farm tours (but, I really didn’t have time for that).

Oh well, I’m enjoying my retirement – I can hardly begrudge some one else theirs.

So, instead, serendipity stepped in.

As I was driving up I-5 contemplating my options for the night, I was overtaken by another Escape 19!  We both got off at the next rest stop and I met Rita and Dave from Iowa – of course, on their way to the factory for some mods, and then on to the rally.  So, we decided to meet up that evening at the Snoqualmie  Forest campground, Douglas Fir Campground.  Dave had plenty of firewood, I had made lots of sangria  (couldn’t let the border guards take my citrus fruit!) and we had a lovely evening.  Rita gave me a tour of their trailer and I got several ideas for cute and/or clever things to do in my trailer.

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