A Watercolor Portrait Challenge, Monsoons and Sunsets in Southern Arizona!

Vail, AZ 

7 Sept, 2022

30 Days 30 Faces - in Watercolor.

30 days, 30 videos from accomplished artists showing their process and techniques for doing portraits in watercolor.  A LOT of work.  But, portraiture is really my favorite.  I'm trying to loosen up my painting, but, it's a real challenge for my relentlessly literal left brain!

Anyway, here a a few of my favorites from that month.

I like the looseness of this one!

I love doing older women (and men)

My favorite - a bit looser!


Monsoons bring even more spectacular sunsets

I love the drama of the monsoon thunderstorms - sudden billowing thunderclouds, massive thunder and lightening and then drenching, flooding downpours (for max 20 min) - so different than the day-after-day gray skies and gentle rains of Oregon.  While this year, I've had lots of gray days with on-and-off sprinkling as the big storms skirted my location, I did get a few big rains!

Around the house and across the driveway the water flows . . .

Normally dry wash across my street!

My side yard as the water continues over to the neighbors . . . 

Despite grates in the wall for drainage, the back yard often floods for a couple hours.

And then there are the sunsets!!

Simply stunning!!


  1. You've got to love those Arizona sunsets. Those last two images you painted ... AMAZING!!!!

    1. Thanks Nancy! From your blog, it sounds like we're pretty much next door neighbors now - we should meet up sometime!

  2. So glad to see you posting again. I do love your art. Just amazing!


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