I could almost believe I was back in Oregon

The thunder rolled - and I'm not just quoting Garth Brooks

Off and on last night and this afternoon, we've been experiencing real thunderstorms!  Not the continual soft rain of the Northwest, but sudden, drenching, booming gully-washers!  Interspersed with sun breaks and rainbows.

Enjoying the mid-morning sun
Then more clouds roll in.

The Kofa mountains that I had been sketching this morning are now partially obscured by clouds.

Remember, I said that the cloudbursts were gully washers - well here is a little wash maybe 30 yards from my trailer - dry until today!

And, just about 45 minutes later, the running water has passed and there are just a few puddles.

The ground around my campsite is a little mushy.  If the weather reports hold true, today should see the last of the rain.  If so, I'm expecting the ground to dry out and harden before I need to pull out in a couple of days.

Meanwhile, I'm warm and dry inside, enjoying a cup of tea and the amazing smell of the desert rain.


  1. Nice pictures. We have no pictures of the rain as we were in Quartzsite!

  2. I hope all that rain brings the desert into bloom for when I get there on the 9th.

    1. Lucky lady - I think you'll probably hit it spot on! I saw buds forming on cactus today.


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