Time to move on . . . just when spring is approaching!

The rain and approaching spring - the desert is going to get colorful

As I walked the desert this morning, I found signs that the desert is going to respond to the moisture with a lot of color.  The beavertail cactus is full of buds, the ocotillos are leafing out, and a bunch of other smaller plants are showing buds.

 Unfortunately, my trek back home starts tomorrow so I won't be here when they flower.

Excellent example of a nurse tree

Saguaros often start in the shadow of a bigger plant which protects it from the harsh sun in its early years.  But, as they grow, they soak up water and eventually kill the nurse plant.  Today, I saw a great example - 4 tall saguaros surrounding an obviously failing Palo Verde.

These particular saguaros held another surprise - a small memorial to a man and his dog.

This has been one of my favorite camp sites!

RvSue, Bill and Anne were very friendly - I hope to see them again

Bill and Anne stopped by daily as they passed on their way to do Refuge business - I think today was checking rain gauges.  They check water tanks within the refuge,  give tours, and provide information and assistance to visitors.  Their energy amazes me!  I'm so glad that Anne recognized me in that Yuma laundromat and talked to me!

Sue dropped by on her way out today - she had contact information for a friend who had a thundershirt for a cat that she thought FW might like.  For a loner, Sue is awfully thoughtful and considerate of others.  I enjoyed meeting her and the crew.

My last sunset at Kofa


  1. Well darn, I'm disappointed that I won't have a chance to meet you. I'm not yet set up to boondock but maybe we will bump into each other at one of the Oregon state parks.

    1. Perhaps we will! I've been astonished by the "small world" connections I've had on this trip - I ran into 3 different people I know from Oregon - complete serendipity!

  2. Sorry to see you trip ending, but it has been so good to follow along.

    The saguaros and the nurse tree was a fascinating bit of new knowledge for me.

    1. I am dragging my feet - the 10 day forecast for home is rain, rain, flooding, more rain and then some wind to knock down the trees that can't stay rooted in the super-saturated soil!
      OTOH - my twin grand nephews are learning to walk and I'll get to see them!

      Nature can be cruel - I feel bad for the nurse trees ( but those saguaro had to be over 100 years old, so I guess the Palo Verde still had a pretty long life.


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