First Snowbird Trip - by the numbers

Ok, I'll admit I'm a little obsessive about numbers 

If I hadn't been traveling only with my tablet, I would probably have tracked all this in a spreadsheet.

Total nights: 52 nights;  just under 8 weeks
Avg. cost/night:  $4.88  (I included campground, dump, and water fees - might be a bit more if I include the propane).   All camping was dry camping, no hookups.  My solar set-up worked great!
Excluding the intense travel days to/from the Southwest, 50% of the nights were for stays of 6 days or more.
Total Miles:  3,908
Total Amt for Gas: $1,013
Avg mpg:  14.5 

This trip was the longest trip I've spent in the trailer

And only the third trip with Faye Wray, the incredible shedding cat.  
I learned a few new things on this trip that have initiated some purchases and a couple of changes in the trailer.

I used to say that traveling with two retired racing greyhounds was like sharing a dog crate; traveling with one tiny 6 pound cat was like sharing a litter box.  There was litter everywhere, on the counters, on the floor, in my bed.  This meant a LOT more cleaning.  There was also a lot of cat hair; drifting like snow into the cup holders in the car, covering the upholstery in the trailer, covering the carpets and my clothes.  I went through an entire lint roller and barely made a dent!

One result of the 'cat impact' is this purchase:  

12 v vacuum from
I think this will work well on the upholstery and trailer carpets.  And, it doesn't seem like it will be too big.

There is a cat-related project in the works; but details and pictures will have to wait for a future post!

Storing all 'outside' stuff in the back of the Honda worked well

I hate having to shift a bunch of gear at the end of the day just to be comfortable in the trailer.  Having all the outside stuff in the back of the car meant I could relax in the trailer immediately.  This was especially nice on travel days when I was over-nighting in a Walmart or other pseudo-campsite.

Although, the clutter did prompt Lance, who I met at the Quartzite Fiberglass Rally, to indulge in this prank.


  1. I'm thinking you should get crafty on the next extended trip with FW. Think of all the things you could make with the cat hair - throw pillows, spin it into yarn and make socks, mittens, sweaters. The possibilities are endless since it sounds like she sheds fast enough to keep you busy. Let me know if you start making a steady income with my ideas:)

    1. Hmmm . . . you may have something there! If not yarn, perhaps I could make felt ( I've seen felted hats, etc at Saturday market. Don't worry - I'll cut you in.

  2. We could add Samantha's Beagle hair. It might add color to your product. Felt sounds interesting! Love it.

    1. I was reading a 'how to' on felt - doesn't sound too hard. Like I need another project!
      Give Samantha a pat for me. Where are you and Bill now?


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