The desert is blooming!


The cactus and wild flowers are in full bloom now.  I love it!  Not much to say – just enjoying the color everywhere.

0409151127 (640x480)


0420151205 (480x640)


DSC00819 (640x480)


0419151419 (480x640)


0419151418 (480x640)


0419151211 (480x640)


0419151208 (480x640)


0419151206 (480x640)


0419151200a (480x640)


0419151200 (640x480)


Even the yucca!


0419151159 (480x640)


  1. Thanks for the "love fest" of the flowers!

  2. Beautiful! I've seen every one of those flowers at Bluewater Lake State Park in New Mexico. I've just started seeing the cactus blooms here in New Mexico - every year it feels like a gift when they start blooming. :)

    1. I'm always surprised at how many varieties there are in such a seemingly barren environment. There was one deep red flower that I never got a photo of - next year I'lll have to try harder!


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