Kanab, Utah: April 14 - 21

Peek-a-boo Trailhead . . . and snow!

I had heard of a free boon docking spot about 10 miles outside of Kanab.  It was developed as a trailhead for an ATV club and in addition to a very large parking area, contained a few picnic tables.  Even with the ATV’ers on the weekend, it was a fine place to camp.
Except for the couple of really cloudy, really cold and finally snowy days that drove us into town for a night. Cold enough that the furnace had to be running (20F)  and with not enough sun for the solar panels to keep up, we opted for a night at an RV park in Kanab – full hookups and clean, hot showers!
Snow at Peek-a-boo Trailhead.

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Best Friend’s Animal Sanctuary

I have friends who volunteer for a week or so at Best Friends every year.  I believe it’s the biggest animal shelter in the country (over 3,000 acres!).  They have really nice enclosures and housing for mostly cats, dogs, horses, pigs,bunnies, birds – but they house other animals on occasion as well.  Their rehabilitation facilities are great and if they can’t rehome an animal, it will live out it’s life on the property.

We took a 2 hour tour of the property and facilities which was really quite interesting.

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In the several houses dedicated to cats, there was no shortage of beds and special places – I guess these are for the apartment loving cats.

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There were even cat beds and litter boxes in the rafters for the really timid cats.

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Kanab feels a bit like home

I’ve been to Kanab several times over the years.  Every year there is a big benefit for Best Friends put on the Greyhound Gang (a greyhound rescue organization nearby).  I used to come every year with my greyhounds for a weekend of socializing, events and all-around silliness.  There were signs up around Kanab advertising this year’s Greyhound Gathering – made me miss those days when I traveled with Jack and Molly.

I met another couple who are traveling in an Escape.  I had been emailing a couple who live in Oregon and bought a 19 foot Escape at last year’s Escape Owners Rally.  But it seemed that our travel schedules just didn’t quite mesh.  Until they turned up in the parking lot at the same time I did.  Sometimes, it’s a really small world.  The next morning we went over to their campground to visit and get a tour of their trailer.  Hugh has made some interesting mods – some things to think about when I decide to upgrade.


  1. I've never been to Kanab but the animal sanctuary sounds really good. I'm glad that you had a furnace in that cold weather!

    1. I'm glad the furnace was working too! It's about the only appliance that is - apparently 10 treats is the magic number for trailer appliances to start getting 'quirky'. Once home, I'll be scheduling maintenance on my little home!


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