More hiking in GSENM–Kanab, Utah


The ‘Toadstools’

This was an easy, short hike (1.6 miles round-trip) from a well-marked parking area just off the highway (89E).  After hiking in the Bisti Wilderness, I can’t say that the rock formations blew me away but I did enjoy the contrasting colors of the rock – white, chocolate and red.


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The best part of this hike was meeting a couple who gave us a great tip on another ‘must see’ area within the Monument.  People are so helpful!  We had seen signs for the old Pariah Townsite and Movie Set – but I had been prepared to give it a miss.  But, based on the recommendation of our fellow hikers at the toadstools (both equipped with big, fancy cameras!), we decided to give it a look. 

Oh my – it’s hard to remember that such variety and change in scenery can happen just a few miles off the main road. In this case, less than 5 miles off the main road (and pretty much straight down a very narrow, VERY steep dirt road) brings you to a valley on the Pariah river, surrounded by cliffs of more shades of pink and purple than I’ve ever seen!

The movie set had burned down years ago and there wasn’t much left of the historic townsite – but purple/pink cliffs – worth the trip for sure!!


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