City of Rocks, Twin Falls, Idaho; April 22


A long drive through not very much

Northern Utah into SW Idaho is not a particularly pretty drive – it’s a lot of very flat, very grey land.  But there were a few bright spots.  Not far from the border, in an area that claims itself to be the middle of nowhere, I find a treasure.

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Molly’s Café is an old-fashioned diner.  A long counter with red stools and red leatherette booths; home-made everything including pies!  (I had it all!)

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City of Rocks, Twin Falls, Idaho

For my friends, the movie reference for this place would be a rocky, less verdant version of ‘the Shire’ in the movie, The Hobbit.  The granite rock formations here resemble many things (bunnies, baboons, elephants, and yes – Hobbit Houses).


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City of Rocks was originally a stop on the California Trail – for immigrants and gold-rush pioneers.  Now, it’s apparently a very fine rock-climbing venue.


This is just one of the signatures pioneers placed along the way.  Most are fading now but this one is still pretty clear.


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