Some days I should just stay in bed!

9/15/16, South Llano River SP, Texas

How many things can go wrong in one day? - lots!

So, this morning I needed something out of the storage area under the dinette - I poked my head in and found that the very large bag of cat kibble (oily kitty kibble) had come open and spilled about a gallon of it all over the storage area.  I had to empty almost half of the storage bin to get access to all the kibble.  Then I had to scoop it up, vacumn and clean and then re-pack the bin.  

Spilled kibble

This is almost a gallon of wasted kibble

And, I hadn't even had my morning coffee yet!

Coffee didn't go any better . . . 

I had the coffee grounds in the filter, in the cone, on top of my coffee cup - just waiting for the water to boil in the kettle.  I was fixing breakfast for FW and somehow managed to swat the coffee cone - spilling the dry grounds all over the counter, the floor, and poor FW.   Again - a big clean up.  

I guess accidents DO happen in threes . . . 

Then, I was emptying FW's water bowl before heading out for the day's drive - when it slipped out of my hand and crashed into a dozen pieces!  I had had that bowl for probably 30 years.  I do have another water bowl for her - but it's smaller, so I'll have to watch that it doesn't go dry.

Geez!  I was feeling a bit persecuted!  Luckily, the drive that day was uneventful!


  1. Here's to great coffee in the morning! I finally found your site on my pad. Yeah. Took me long enough.

    1. Glad you did! Will you be in the SW this winter?

    2. Glad you did! Will you be in the SW this winter?


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