Capulin Volcano Cinder Cone, NE New Mexico

9/6/2016; Capulin New Mexico

Capulin Volcano National Monument

I got into Capulin, NM fairly early in the day so I thought I'd check out the Volcano National Monument - it was a small but interesting place.  From the top of the cinder cone, on a clear day, you can apparently see four states: Texas, New Mexico, Colorado and Oklahoma.  Not on the day I visited - it was cloudy and a storm was approaching.  One can hike to the bottom of the cinder cone crater or take a one mile hike around the rim. 

The approaching storrm!

Looking at the clouds, I thought the rain was probably far enough out that I could hike the rim.  

This shows both the rim and the crater.

The rim trail held some surprises

Baby lizard - only a couple of inches in total length!

On some years, bazillions of lady bugs descend on the park - this was one of those years.  They were everywhere, on everything!!

At some point about halfway thru the hike, I realized that getting wet probably wasn't my biggest problem . . . .

About halfway through the hike, I noticed that the thunder and lightning were getting alarmingly close - like within a mile!  I stepped up my pace - I really, really did not want to be on an exposed ridge with lightning nearby!

As I hit the last steep descent back to the parking lot, it started to sprinkle.  By the time I was driving back down the side of the cinder cone, it was pouring!  It poured with accompanying lightning and thunder for several hours.  

What a great day!  When I'm driving straight through somewhere, I don't get much exercise - so it felt great to get a short hike in.


  1. Thanks, Anne, for the review. Next summer my friends and I will be doing a Volksmarch convention in Billings, MT. On the way home, we plan to do the Volksmarch at Capulin Volcano National Monument. Ours will be a leg-stretcher stop as well. It looks like a pretty place.

    1. Should be fun - the view from the rim was really nice.

    2. Should be fun - the view from the rim was really nice.


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