Ahhh . . . .Texas Hill Country!

9/13-17, 2016; Junction Tx

South Llano River State Park

I knew as I drove into this park that I would stay for a few days.  Over 500 acres along the river, this park has lots of trees and large sites.  

Northern Cardinals and Gold-cheeked Warblers!

There are a lot of trails - both for walking and biking.  Bird blinds dot the trails and even a newbie bird watcher like me can identify birds when they come and hang out at the blind!  The gold-cheeked warblers are apparently kind of rare - but they appear here frequently!  I only had my cell phone with me this evening and only got some photos of the Northern Cardinals - probably a dozen males and females at the bird blind.

Evening walks are the best!

I was surprised and happy to see this armadillo rustling his way through the underbrush.

Don't even have to leave my campsite to see the wild turkey - these guys joined me for breakfast.

A lovely place to spend a few days . . . .


  1. We really enjoyed Llano Park when we visited a few years ago. There are, as you posted, miles of beautiful trails. Have you seen the Axis Deer? So pretty.

    1. I wondered what kind of deer they were - very pretty!
      Also saw a couple of javelina!

  2. Can't wait to spend a week in South Llano River State park. Since we live in San Antonio, we've only visited for a day. We saw an armadillo too. It was early evening and it was ambling away from the dumpster area. There are always turkeys around. Saw our first scarlet tanager and painted bunting there in the spring.

    1. During my dusk walk on my last night there, I surprised 2 javelina! I saw many armadillos and Jack rabbits. I really like the bird blinds and wildlife viewing boxes on the trails. Right now - my favorite park!


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