Big Bend National Park

9/25/2016, Big Bend NP, Texas

Sunday – Into the park

After a stormy night in Marathon, Tx, I headed down Hwy 385 for the last 75 miles into Big Bend NP.  It was a cool, foggy and drizzling day with turkey vultures hunched over on practically every other fencepost.

I was stopped just outside the park by a border patrol checkpoint – the second one so far this trip.  Like the last one, a dog circled my car and the trailer and then I was sent on my way.

The rain has brought out the sweet smell of the desert – the aroma comes from the creosote bush when it’s wet.  I could imagine the desert relaxing and opening up to receive the rain; since this is the rainy season, the desert is remarkably green.  I’m deep into the Chihuahuan desert now and I couldn’t be happier – seriously, I found myself humming to myself and grinning like a fool – I love this desert. 

the view from my campground

My plan had been to stay in the RV campground at the Rio Grande Village within the park so that I would have an electrical hookup and AC against the heat.  The other 2 campgrounds in the park offer only dry camping.  But, since the rain has dropped the temps significantly,  I decided to try the Chisos Basin campground instead – it’s at 5500’ in the Chisos mountains - so will be cooler than the two riverside campgrounds in any case.

This reminds me of Lord of the Rings!

Monday – 9/26

I’m living in a cloud – the Chisos Basin is completely socked in – windy with a constant mist.  I know I have rain pants – somewhere!  This is the first time in 3 weeks that I’ve been truly cool, so I’m not complaining about the weather.  The campground has been emptying since I got here yesterday afternoon.  Weekend campers going home and tenters escaping the rain.

I decide that this is a good time to clean the trailer.  I vacumn, dust and change the linens.  This afternoon I’ll do a driving tour to the biggest campground in the park – Rio Grande Village.  Maybe it’s not so rainy at the lower elevation.  In any case, I need propane, gas and ice.

Fay Wray doesn’t even get out from under the comforter until about noon.  A good day for her to sleep in too.  Yesterday, even though it was a short drive, was hard for her.  She ate too much in the morning and got car sick.

Down in the Rio Grande flood plain, the desert is more arid.

I expected the Rio Grande Village to be a bit more developed - but all I found for services was a small gas station/convenience store.  Everything was 2-3 times as expensive as outside the park.  But the wi-fi is free and not too bad.

All in all, a good day to hunker down in the trailer with a cup of tea and a good book.

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