It was a dark and stormy night

31 Dec, 2018; RoVers Roost Skp RV Coop, Casa Grande, AZ

with apologies to Edward Lytton, Lytton BC (for the worst opening sentence in history) . . . 

The day started gray and rainy and is now cold, dark, and rainy.  Phoebe, the chihuahua mix, is not impressed.

Mostly, stayed inside today with large mugs of hot tea.  

What NOT to do on New Years Eve

My friends and I decided to go out for an early pizza - sounded like a good idea at the time.  We got to the pizza place early.  45 minutes later I got my pizza; after more than an HOUR, my friends got their pizzas.  The dining room was less than a third full the whole time.  But, we watched folks leaving at regular intervals with large take out orders.  Large - like 4-8 large pizzas at a time!!  Apparently, it's a thing to order out pizza for your NY Eve party.   

Who knew?  We do now.  Note to self - do something different next NY eve.

At least the pizza, when we finally got it, was hot and yummy (of course, by that time, dried out gas station sandwiches probably would have tasted OK).

The turn of the year is always an optimistic time for me

Despite my griping here about cold and rainy weather and delayed pizzas, I'm really happy to look forward to the new year and what adventures await.

Happy New Year Everyone!!!


  1. It does seem a tradition that most people eat out for New Year's Eve.
    Wishing You and all your friends a Safe and Happy New Year.

    It's about time.

  2. Happy New Year! Eating out on New Years' Eve can be a "fun" experience. Love that you are looking forward to what adventures await...we are, too. Enjoy each and every one.


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