NEVER Trust Your GPS!!

Sharp Creek Campground, Payson AZ 

25 May, 2023

My GPS added a waypoint that took me off route!

I had checked out all the steps along the route and made sure that the end-point was the campground; but I wasn't really paying attention to anything but the scenery as I drove.  By the time I realized that I was off-route, there was no easy place to turn around with a trailer.  Checking the detail on the GPS, I realized that somehow it (or I) had added a way-point that took me off the main route and onto some hairy little county road winding through the mountains.  It started to pour - making the dirt road even more problematic for turning around - then the county road turned into a forest service road.  Checking the road atlas, I thought it was shorter to keep going than try to backtrack (once I got to a turn-around spot) - but, boy howdy! was that an afternoon that I don't want to repeat!  From now on, I will have a paper copy of the route in hand to double check along the way!!

Sharp Creek Campground

Just outside Payson, AZ, this is a small Forest Service Campground with a large group area and 3 small loops.  There are other campgrounds nearby, as well as lakes, a trout fish hatchery, the Mogollan Rim Visitor Center - fishing, hiking, boating - a real camping destination area!!

I was camping in one of the group areas with RVW (RV'ing Women) and, after a very strong drink when I arrived (even with the detour, I got there before dark) and some rain on the first day, it was a lovely weekend.

Willow Lake Paddle

Willow Lake was lovely to paddle - only electric motors allowed, so it was quiet.  We got an early start so it wasn't too crowded (the boat ramp was getting crowded as we finished up).

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  1. I always have a print copy of a map of my route ... and I always have a Word document printout of the details of road numbers, where to turn, how many miles, etc. Driving alone with a trailer, hmmm, I need all the help I can get. Glad you got there. Wow, that paddle was beautiful! Hope your "front end" got cleaned up. :-)


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