An Unexpected Nighttime Visitor

28 Feb, 2017; Petroglyph Painted Rock CG; Gila Bend AZ

Sunset was over; I was just settling inside for the evening when . . . 

I heard a noise.  A strange noise - like a crying cat.  I look over but see that Fay Wray is sound asleep so it's not her.  Could it be someone's baby?  I listen harder . . . hmm . . .  not coming from any nearby trailers.  Could there be a cat outside my trailer?  20 miles from the nearest town?  I grab my flashlight and go outside.  

Sure enough, there is a large tabby cat serenading FW from outside ("come outside and play with me strange kitty inside the box").  He ran over to me purring and meowing, rubbing himself against my leg.  Definitely a young tomcat (big head and neck and, yes, balls); clearly someone's pet (very clean and well fed); but who lets a pet cat outside at night in coyote country???

What to do?  I decide to grab a sweater and see if I can find an owner in the nearby rigs.  But, by the time I get back outside with a sweater and a better flashlight, the tom has slid back into the night.  


"Hippy Dust", Brewers Yeast - whatever you call it, I've missed it!!

Chatting with my new friends from Maine, the conversation turned to food I haven't been able to find in the Southwest.  First on my list was Brewers Yeast (great on popcorn, veggies, salad, etc) - to my amazement, Lisa had some in her rig and, most importantly, was willing to share!

I swapped her a couple of Growers Peach Ciders for a baggie of  "Hippy Dust".  It wasn't 24 hours before I was enjoying some popcorn with my favorite topping!  THANK YOU LISA!!!

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  1. Hi Anne - Great blog! You've been to a lot of places in the SW. Say where can I find pics of your watercolors? I'd really love to see them. Great seeing you - it's always nice to see a familiar face!


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