Anza Borrego Desert State Park

9 March, 2017; Anza Borrego State Park, Calif

Right Time, right place!!

The Washington Post just had an article about the 'superbloom' at Anza Borrego.  Apparently, the wet winter has produced the biggest crop of wildflowers since 1999.  I believe it.  Everything is green and the flowers are spectacular.

Some are just a few steps outside my trailer.

I have no idea what this is!

Desert Lily and something else

Tenacious Desert Lily growing in a tire track!

Along the road into Borrego Springs, I stop along with a ton of other tourists to photograph the vast meadows of color.

You can see the color extending even up into the Santa Rosa Mountains!

Despite what Georgia O'Keefe said, sometimes they do move!

I can tell when I'm parked in a location where a botanist has been.  They can't resist pulling up a pile of invasive weeds and leaving them along the roadside - doing their little bit to preserve the native species!


The desert here is so quiet!

What I love about the desert is the absolute quiet and sense of space - it's very calming.  I spend my afternoons in the shade just enjoying the timeless feeling.  

Santa Rosa Mountains

Last night I went outside to put away my chairs and lock up the trailer for the night.  The moon is still too full to get a brilliant night of stars, but the moon was so bright that it cast shadows and I could see quite clearly; a few other campers had small campfires glowing in the dark.  The night air was full of the scent of the desert and the silence was broken only by the buzz of grasshoppers (or some kind of insect).  I'm so grateful to be here.


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  2. The mountains look beautiful. Your picture looks like the painting by Edgar Degas entitled Landscape with Rocks, 1892.
    I thoroughly enjoy your travel blog.

    1. Thanks Carlos! This kind of landscape is inspiring - I wish I was as skilled as Degas 😏

    2. Very cool - I know you'll love your Escape!
      Coincidently, I lived in Madrid for 3 years as a child!

    3. Lived in Madrid from 1952-1961. We may have crossed paths on La Castellana, who knows. Emigrated to Montreal in 1961. Subsequently spent all my summers in Connecticut and Cape Cod.

  3. My wife Rosa and I are picking up our 19' Escape on May 23rd. We can't wait. We live in Montreal. I am Spanish born (Madrid)and my wife Italian. We plan to take six weeks for our trip to Chilliwack and back spending three weeks or so in the Rockies. Following your trips and that of others bloggers is a real thrill. A bit of RV travel envy.


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