Galleta Meadows Sculptures!

11 Mar, 2017; Borrego Springs, California

Galleta Meadows Sculptures

Over 130 of these massive sculptures dot the landscape around Borrego Springs.  Most are on a loop from Henderson Canyon Road, Borrego Springs Road and DiGiorgio Road.  

From pre-historic sloths, dinosaurs and mastadons:

Doesn't he look real!?

The detail on these sculptures is really impressive

Sloth, facing extinction.

Look at the 'fur' close up - this took someone a LONG time

To more modern animals and topics,

Working in the vineyard

Harvesting grapes

Creating vineyards

Lots of camels

Love the detail and the expressions!

 To the fanciful and just plain fun,

Wrong time of day to catch the sun on the front of this guy - I bet he just shines!!

One of my favorites,

He curls above ground, and below the road, only to have his tail appear on the other side

Fierce, beautifully detailed face!

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