Two Successes and One Failure

 Vail, AZ

03 Feb, 2023

I can't stop tinkering with the Van!

Getting in and out of the Van with my tiny step on uneven desert ground seemed a bit problematic - so, I added a grab handle.  This was a pretty straightforward mod with a kit from - came with tools, good instructions and except for a couple holes through the plastic column - no drilling holes.  The grab handle made use of existing holes in the Ram frame.  It's very sturdy and just the right height.

The second project was to add some rain gutters over the front and cargo doors.  I hate that rain comes into the van when the cargo door is cracked for ventilation.  This project was also pretty straightforward; the rain gutters came in a long roll with adhesive backing.  We'll see how the adhesive holds up to the brutal summer sun.

The 3rd project was to add some light to the bins - at night, the bins are very dark and it's hard to find anything without a flashlight.  I had found a bunch of very bright, very small (size of a quarter) LED battery lights with adhesive backs.  I stuck one in each bin and was very pleased with the amount of light they cast.  Unfortunately, the adhesive lasted less than 24 hours!  Every one had come loose and disappeared into the bottom of the bin.  I could try glueing them in; I checked and could still unscrew the tops to replace the tiny, flat batteries.  But, I hate doing something permanent until I'm sure of the location, and that the placement won't interfere with getting stuff in and out.  Of course, even glue isn't necessarily permanent in the Sonoran Desert heat.  Guess I'll wait and see on this one.

So very bright - I do like them a lot.


  1. I have tried some similar lights. Nice and bright but like you mentioned the tape they come with lets go almost right away. I bought some command strips, not a perfect solution as sometimes they do let go but, for the most part I have had success with them. Something to give a try if you do not want to glue. Like your gutters and that handle looks like a great solution.

  2. Would you mind saying where you found the rain gutters. Thanks Vern in Boise

    1. Amazon: drip rail by Trim-Lok

  3. Would using a "headlamp" work? A flashlight that straps around your head with an adjustable lamp that's positioned in the middle of your forehead. I love them and have several ... in the truck and in the trailer. Wouldn't want to be without them.


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