Very COLD trip to Quartzite AZ!

 Quartzite, AZ

29 Jan, 2023

Annual RVW Rally in Quartzite

This rally for RVing Women has been taking place for 30 years! and is timed for the opening of the big Quartzite RV Show (and all the amazing shopping in the 'Big Tent').  As usual, there were a lot of interesting discussions and presentations by various RV maintenance guys; including, if I may boast, the discussion group that I led on 'Converting a Van for Personal Use'.  We talked about Van Conversions ranging from professional conversion RV's like the Solis and Trevado, to partly professional, part-self conversions like my rig with the base Wayfarer Van conversion, to completely custom personally constructed Vans.  This last category was especially interesting and I viewed several completely tricked-out vans that left me just in awe of the mad skills demonstrated by the women who have made these vans.

My campsite - finally figured out how to put up my windsock!!

The sunsets behind my rig were really pretty!

Although it was too cold to stay out for very long, my Fire Dancer adds a lot of ambiance.

Almost 20F below normal temperatures!

This was one of my coldest trips to Quartzite - getting down to the high 30's at night, and even though most of the days got up into the high 50's/ low 60's, a brisk wind kept it feeling pretty cool.  The final 2 days were cloudy, windy, and temp's only in the high 40's - so, just cold!

My shy little dog Phoebe was so cold (even in her sweater), that she overcame her shyness and sought warmth in every available lap - even complete strangers!!

"Mom, get my sweater!!"

"I don't care that she's in a t-shirt, I need more warm!"

"Yes, we're inside, and I have my coat on - but dang it, turn on the heat!!!"

Next Stop, Lost Dutchman State Park 

On my way home, I took a longer route to visit friends in Apache Junction.  Very near to the very pretty Lost Dutchman State Park.  I couldn't remember whether my site had electric or not - I was so very happy to drive in and find that I had a hook-up!!!  My boondocking heater is a non-vented Propane heater - so I don't sleep with it on, just use it to warm up the van in the morning/evening.  But, for this very cold trip, that meant waking up to temps in the van that were colder than the inside of my fridge!!  Kind of unacceptable (certainly for one very thin-skinned little Chihuahua).

We were both thrilled when I could plug in my electric ceramic heater with temperature controls to keep the Van nice and warm all night.

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