Like salmon returning to their home stream

May 25, Manning Provincial Park, Cold Springs CG

Second night on the road, now I’m camping with FOUR other Escapes!

Seems like everyone traveling east to the rally in Osoyoos, stops at Cold Spring CG in Manning Provincial Park.  Many of the sites are really lovely, backing up to the Similkameen River (running fast and high this time of year).  Again, I spent the evening with four other couples on the way to the rally.  Another great campfire. 

The border guards are used to seeing Escape trailers coming through.  Instead of the usual litany of questions (well, there were a few) – he had questions about my 19 and expressed his own preference for the 15.

Even Fay Wray got into the spirit and did some exploring around the camp.  There was a lot of underbrush – so, she took the ‘high road’ and did most of her exploring along big fallen logs.

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