South through Washington: Spokane, then Lewiston

Wallowa Lake SP, Joseph OR: Jun 12, 2016

An odd, but very pretty campground

I had a bunch of little city chores to get done; oil change, post office, etc. so I arranged to stay a few days in Spokane.  I booked a few days at Willow Bay RV Resort north of Spokane near Nine Mile Falls.  I got a deal on the rate through Passport America.

Apparently, the campground is a member owned campground that's been around for awhile.  Unlike most RV parks the camping area is just a huge grassy area by the lake.  Campsites are vaguely defined by the large trees and occasional power/water poles. The power outlets contained one 30 amp connection and one 20 amp - and the connections were shared between adjoining sites.  The first campsite to be occupied got to choose which connection they wanted!  

I found a set of unoccupied sites and nabbed the 30 amp connection so I could use my AC unit.
I had a nice view of the lake and the campground also had a nice swimming area and marina.

Really a lovely place to weather the heat wave and come home to after a day of chasing errands in town.

Next stop: Chief Timothy Park outside Lewiston WA.

Chief Timothy Park is on an island in the Snake River.  Another pretty, if more conventional, park.
While Chief Joseph is remembered for fighting the governments attempts to contain the native population and push them onto ever smaller, less desirable reservation land, Chief Timothy cooperated with the soldiers and saved the lives of most of his people.

The area around Lewiston is also renowned for marking a segment of the Lewis and Clark Expedition trail.  At 3 Forks, one can still see the old Indian Trails that Lewis and Clark took in 1806 as they took a shortcut across the region.  I was amazed that the trails cut through the hills are still so visible over 200 years later!!

The wild flowers were in full bloom on the surrounding hills,  Although the color is pretty washed out in the next photo, the hillsides were blanketed in purple flowers.

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