Hike on Chief Joseph Trail to BC Falls

Wallowa Lake St. Park; 6/22/16

Short, but lovely hike along the West Fork of Wallowa River

There are tons of trails in the area - it is a gateway to the Eagle Cap Wilderness.  I chose a short hike (2 hr round trip) to check out my new knee with something fairly easy (also, I'm not accustomed to the elevation yet - 4600' at the start).

The trail starts at almost river level, switchbacks over a small ridge, and finds the river again at a wooden bridge.  The river is running very fast and cold from recent snowmelt.

Lots of flowers . . . 

The one orchid I saw was too far past blooming to make a good photo.  I don't know what kind it was but my friend Melissa tells me that she has seen Fairy Slipper in the area. 

Finally, a glimpse of the lake!

The overlook through some trees to Wallowa Lake would have made a good lunch spot and/or turn-around - but then I would have missed the falls which was just a few minutes ahead.

Then the falls - or a very steep, fast part of the river

Ok, so it's not a waterfall on the same order as Multnomah Falls, but, especially at this time of year, with all the snowmelt - it's still an impressive place to have lunch!!

The young man in the photo offered me his arm for the last 10-12 feet of muddy slope to the rocks - I hate looking old!!

Some kids tried crossing the river using these slippery, not attached logs.  I was appalled!  (guess I am old)

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