Will we survive the heat??

Jun 4, 2016: Spring Canyon CG, Grand Coulee Dam, WA

SO Hot!  Will my fridge keep things cold enough?

My perfect temperatures would be 65-75F.  This weekend in my very sunny campsite will be in the 90’s!  Too hot by far.  I’ll be looking for elevation, shade or perhaps hook-ups come Monday! 

After everything I’ve been reading on the Escape forum about fridge performance, I was worried about how my fridge would perform in this heat.  Unfortunately, the fridge is on the ‘always’ sunny’ side of this site – but, overall, I’m very pleased.  I’ve got it jacked up as cold as it will go and am being super careful about not opening the door very often.  So far, it does warm up during the day – but not dangerously so, and cools down nicely overnight.

I have been keeping a cooler of ice for drinks (guess I’m going to have to add a line item to the budget for ice).  It’s a whole lot easier to keep hydrated with something cold.
FW is doing OK in the heat – every time I let her outside, she beelines for the sun (silly cat!).  She’s drinking OK, but not eating as much as I’d like.  She’s losing weight – I think she’s still adjusting to the travel.  However, she really can’t afford to lose much weight – she’s already a tiny thing.  Perhaps it’s a ploy on her part to get me to share my chicken and fish with her (it’s working).

Can this be true?

Could this actually be a golf course?  I haven’t been on one for over 7 years; vowed never to golf again.  But, strangely, I’ve been thinking about taking it up again.  So, today, I visited the driving range and putting greens at the Grand Coulee public golf course.  Hmmm . . . I was terrible, but it still went better than I had expected.

PS:  If only I had a selfie stick . . . 

You would see my beet red face - It is way too hot here, so we're outta-here!!  I'm off to find a power bush - even if it is an RV park right on the side of the road - I need me some AC! 

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