May 25, 2016; Nk’Mip RV Resort, Osoyoos, BC

Very bad day on Highway 3 . . .

Minutes after leaving Cold Springs Campground on my way to Osoyoos, traffic abruptly halted (in both directions).  After a few minutes of no traffic moving at all, my thoughts that the delay was due to construction gave way to fears of a major accident.  This thought was confirmed shortly after by the arrival of a Life-flight helicopter.  It would be 2.5 hours before the road was cleared (the semi that had rolled over an embankment was still hung up on the jersey barrier and the 2 cars that were demolished at the same time were still there as we soberly and slowly drove on).

In the meantime, I made lunch, did some chores in the trailer and then – I gave trailer tours!  Talk about a captive audience!

Fay Wray was not happy about such a troubling day and let her discontent show by howling in her crate for hours and then barfing.

By the time I got to the rally, I was so ready for help unhooking, hugs and a drink (all generously supplied).

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