The rally, as usual, great fun! and then more firsts for 'en Plein Aire'

May 31, 2016; Keller CG, Colville Indian Reservation

Staffing the 'free stuff' table

A really neat idea from last years rally was to have a free table so people could find new stuff and release back into the world all the stuff they've accumulated that no longer works for them.  So, Paul and I volunteered to staff the table this year.  There was really some good stuff, sets of side mirror extenders, coffee maker, lanterns, a big wrench that also ratcheted (one of my contributions - really handy for quickly swapping propane tanks).  

I picked up a flexi-lead for Fay Wray - no more fraying string leash for her.  She's really styling now!

Also picked up an led, 12 v light.  I think I'll use it on the side of the  trailer where I sometimes set up my grill.  There is a 12v outlet there and all I need is some kind of dohicky to attach the light to the side of the trailer - I'm thinking of suction cups that I could glue to the back of the light.

As usual, I visited too much; ate and drank wonderful potluck stuff (someone who makes their own wine, labeled and provided bottles of red and white wine for every table at the potluck - over 250 people!).

So, after the rally, I was looking for some quiet and remote camping to recharge.

My least favorite driving - narrow, steep, winding, with no shoulder and lots of drop-offs. 


I decided to take a road that wound through the Confederated Tribes of Colville Reservation and camp at some lakes.  Big mistake – after miles and miles of the aforementioned narrow, difficult roads, I find that the campgrounds are reserved for Tribal Members only (oops).  So, back down the narrow, scary roads and on I drove.  Finally, I found a campground open to everyone on Lake Roosevelt (Sanpoil CG).  I knew I’d love it when I stepped out of my car into sunny quiet with the surrounding mountains perfectly reflected in a mirror-still lake.

Especially after a very social few days, I appreciate the stillness and quiet of a remote campground.

en Plein Aire’s first Ferry Ride!

There are a couple of free ferries that bridge Lake Roosevelt.  Tell me that the following view doesn’t look scary!!  I hate the feeling that I’m driving into the water (guess I need to wear blinkers!).  And, of course, I was one of the first vehicles on – the loading guy was laughing as I cautiously moved forward – he told me that there was still 10 feet ahead of me, even though all I could see was water!

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